Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Checks, purchase orders, and internal transfers are only accepted up until 3 days of an event. Registrations will be in pending status, while ADE reviews and confirms the submitted methods of payment are valid and have the required information (see FAQ’s). These methods of payment must be verified as a valid form of payment within 3 days. If payment method is invalid or is not confirmed within 3 days, the registration will be cancelled and registrants must re-register. When paying with check, purchase order, or internal transfer, payment is due within 30 days from the invoice date. Once you are within 3 days of the event the only method of payment that will be accepted is a credit card. Credit card payments are processed at the time of registration. Payments must be made in full for all registrations and partial payments made to the Department of Education will be rejected and sent back. Financial responsibility is on both the registrant and the identified billing contact. In the event the billing contact information is incorrect, the registrant understands that they are financially liable for any costs incurred for registered events. Failure to pay for a registration in full within 90 days will result in registrants being unable to register for any future events that have a cost associated.

Registration Substitutions

If you need to substitute someone else for your registration, please contact the primary event contact (found in the event description in Calendar of Events). Substitutions are at the discretion of the event coordinator.

Event Cancellation Policy

To receive a refund, cancellations must take place in ADE Calendar of Events ten working days prior to the first day of the event date.

The registration fee will be charged to those who are no shows and have not cancelled within ten working days prior to the event start date.

Exceptions may be made for emergency situations only up to the event start date. Exceptions are at the discretion of Arizona Department of Education staff. Emergency situations are defined as: illness, accident, etc. In the event of an emergency situation, contact the primary event coordinator (found in the event description in ADE Calendar of Events).

Online Course Cancellation Policy

Refunds for cancellation of online courses are based on attendance. A full refund will be processed for no shows who cancel, regardless of cancellation date. No refunds will be granted if the attendee has accessed the course at any time.

Administrative Cancellation

ADE reserves the right to cancel an event due to low registration or other extenuating circumstances. In such situations, all registration and transaction fees will be refunded.

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